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Man clinging to boat: Save my dog first
Life jackets are made for people, not dogs. So, when Randy Earl's small boat capsized while he was fishing with his dog Lacy, a black spaniel mix, he stayed in the water with his life jacket while making sure Lacy was OK.

Local fishing captain loses his life trying to save crewmat
Mattapoisett - Nearly two days after a Mattapoisett fishing captain dove into the icy waters off the New Bedford fishing docks to save the life of a crewmember that had fallen into the water, police divers recovered the body of the missing sea captain from below a pier at the North Terminal

Two rescued from boat that flipped
SAN DIEGO – Lifeguards rescued two people from a 29-foot sailboat that tipped over inside the surf line last night in Mission Beach, authorities said. “The boat flipped over, and people went into the water” south of Belmont Park about 6:30 p.m., said San Diego police Sgt. Alan Hayward.

A blizzard too furious to forget
Elmer Pooler was 12 when he made his first storm rescue. It was during the Hurricane of 1938. A prominent Quincy couple had motored out to Houghs Neck to watch the storm, and soon found themselves trapped by rising water. Pooler, who lived nearby, commandeered a rowboat and ferried them to safety.

Commercial fishing boat goes up in flames in city's harbour
For two hours last night, Vancouver firefighters fought a two-alarm blaze that involved a 100-foot commercial fishing boat tied up at a Vancouver dock before a tug pulled the vessel out into the harbour, where it was allowed to burn.

Three Burmese fishermen rescued after three months at sea
Three Burmese fishermen, rescued by Indian fishermen after being adrift in the sea on a bamboo raft for over three months, said they look forward to help from the Burmese Embassy.

Helicopter wins rescue battle
A HELICOPTER crew battled 80mph winds to rescue an injured French fisherman off the Western Isles yesterday.

Rescue in river tunnel a dangerous challenge
The convention center worker sweeping the riverwalk pathway yesterday morning around 9 heard a voice but wasn't sure where it was coming from. But after stopping to listen, there was no mistaking what the frightened voice was saying: "Help," echoed out from somewhere inside the walls of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center's riverwalk. "Help."

Fisherman saved from capsized boat
escuers used a chain saw to cut a hole in a capsized fishing boat in Kodiak Saturday afternoon, rescuing a man who had been on his way Afognak Island in stormy weather, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Four rescued from capsized boat
A U.S. Coast Guard rescue crew from Fort Lauderdale pulled four people to safety after their 17-foot recreational vessel capsized off Haulover Inlet Saturday afternoon, the maritime agency said.

Two Swept Away By Waves From Norcal Beaches
Intense searches for two people swept away from Northern California beaches by treacherous surf over the weekend have come up empty and both are feared to have drowned, according to authorities.

New Bedford crew rescued
Three fishermen were hoisted to safety Wednesday by a Coast Guard helicopter rescue crew after they were forced to abandon their sinking, New Bedford-based boat in the icy waters off Fire Island, N.Y.

Two Boats Collide on Biscayne Bay
A Miami Police boat and a 32-foot fishing boat Crash into Each Other Injuring two people.

Coast Guard rescues four off capsized boat near Fort Lauder
The Coast Guard says a rescue crew pulled four people to safety after their 17-foot boat capsized off Haulover Inlet near Fort Lauderdale. The Coast Guard says the boat was about a mile outside of the inlet when it capsized -- leaving four men in the water.

The Explorer Rescue Great Story!
Tim proceeded to announce that at 1:45 that morning, our Captain had received a distress call from the Explorer, which had been about 5 hours away at that point. He had immediately turned our ship around, and we were now about an hour away from the accident site.

Man clings to life under overturned boat
An air pocket kept an Otago man alive as he waited to be rescued from an overturned motor boat yesterday.

3 Fishermen Rescued By A.C. Coast Guard - Video
Three fishermen are safe Sunday after a quick-rescue by the Atlantic City Coast Guard.

Abandoned boat
A 40-foot boat was found sinking off our coast and the coast guard now tells NewsChannel 5, they have located the owner of the 40-foot trawler and he's been told to remove it.

Pilot Rescued in Hawaiian Waters - Video
A dramatic rescue by U.S. Coast Guard crews as they pluck a downed fighter pilot from the ocean off Honolulu International Airport.

VIDEO: CG Saves Three Overdue Fishermen Off Cape May
CAPE MAY — The Coast Guard rescued three fishermen Jan. 31 who were aboard a disabled 72-foot fishing boat 44 miles off the coast of this city.

6,000 ton ship stuck offshore
A 6,000 ton ship remained grounded today after its passengers and crew were rescued in one of the biggest air and sea rescue missions ever seen in Lancashire.

A cat may have used up some of its nine lives ...
A cat may have used up some of its nine lives Friday when it was trapped on a sinking boat moored in stormy seas off Corona Del Mar.

Search on for missing Miami boater
U.S. Coast Guard officials on Sunday were still looking for a boater who disappeared from his vessel three miles east of Key Largo a day earlier.

Survivors of '47 rescue mission preserve stories
Zev Siegel was a 17-year-old George Washington University student in late 1946. A few months later, he found himself on the other side of the world, witnessing history after he joined the crew of a boat that would attempt to carry European Holocaust survivors to Palestine.

Three Nauruans Survive 1,000-Mile Drift At Sea
Three fishermen from the tiny western Pacific nation of Nauru survived an 11-day ordeal at sea after their engine broke down and are now safe in Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands.

Rescued Nauru fishermen drank shark's blood to survive
Three Nauru fishermen lost at sea for 11 days said Sunday they survived on the blood and meat of a shark.

Yachtsman abandons new boat in mid-Atlantic
A British yachtsman who tried singlehandedly to sail home a boat he had bought in the US was forced to abandon his purchase in the mid-Atlantic after injuring himself in a fall.

Man Cut By Boat Propeller
Rescue officials said the man's brother called police after the victim somehow got his arm caught in the boat’s running propeller.

Men rescue snowmachiner from rotten ice on the Chena
John Harrell and Larry Walker were hooking up a boat trailer in the yard at Compeau’s on Friday morning when Walker heard a cry for help coming from the direction of the Chena River ...Witzleb had sunk the machine on rotten ice at about 10:30...By that point my legs didn’t want to move much... Witzleb was thankful for the efforts

Missing boat found, not in distress
A Murrells Inlet fishing boat reported missing yesterday was located by the U.S. Coast Guard last night after the vessel responded to emergency radio broadcasts

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